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Be Careful From Fake News & Websites All Website On KBC Name Are Fake,Please Don't Share Your Debit Card Information To Any Person, if You Have Already Given Information Of Your Debit Card Then Immediately Block Your Debit Card and Call Your Card Issuer Bank To Ask Them "Block Your Debit Card Immediately" For KBC Prize & Lottery Information Please Contact With Us On this WhatsApp Number 00918094218628 OR Visit ( )
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      Respected KBC Viewers! There are a lot of scams about KBC Lottery 2020. If you face any kind of scamming then Submit Your KBC Complaint Now and be secure. KBC Lottery 2020 is touching the sky and is much famous among the people of India.Some people are doing fraud on the name of KBC.

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      Due to the popularity of KBC Game Show peoples are using the name of KBC Lottery to do fraud.

                  If any one receiver the fake call on the name of KBC from Pakistani Numbers i.e. +9234xxxxxxxx or numbers staring with 92. Call the KBC Manager by using KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number


or Submit your complaint on the complaint portal established by the KBC Official Website.


Getting a call from a WhatsApp number with the logo of Kaun Banega Crorepati? Before you answer it, pause for a second. The excitement is understandable, but it may not be Big B on the other end, saying “Hello, main Amitabh Bachchan bol raha hoon Kaun Banega Crorepati se.” Instead, it could very well be a scamster trying to con you off your hard-earned money.

Someone received a WhatsApp call — that had the logo of Kaun Banega Crorepatias its display picture — from +923043994634. The country code (+92) is that of Pakistan. Realising that it was one of those scam calls, he cancelled it and blocked the number. On second thoughts, however, he decided to call back on the number to find what it was all about and figure out the modus operandi.

                How to protect from Jio KBC Lottery Fraud or Scamming

                              Kindly  follow the following instructions to save yourself from Jio  KBC Lottery fraud 2020:

  1. Please don’t deposit money in accounts of that persons who call you from international numbers or Pakistani numbers.
  2. We already mentioned number formats in above.
  3. Never do anything until you check your Jio lottery in our database.
  4. Don’t follow any guideline which is given by any anonymous person over the call until you confirm by calling on KBC Jio Head Office on this number


  5. You don’t need to take any action if you don’t have an authentic lottery number with you which will be provided by an authorized person of Jio Lottery Winner.
  6. Do not visit any website which will be provided by any anonymous person over the phone.
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